Overcoming Chronic Inflammation in Tustin

Overcoming Chronic Inflammation in Tustin

Top Tustin Chiropractor Raymond Bunch explains how chronic inflammation is like a wild fire inside the body.

A couple of years ago some wild fires came right up to our backyard here in Southern California.  Lucky for us, helicopters dropped huge amounts of water to prevent it from damaging our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, many people lost their homes just right across the street.

It isn’t hard to imagine a fire creating such damage when you witness the high unrelenting winds that occur here every year.  With conditions of heat, dryness and high winds…Cal Fire posts its highest danger Red Flag warning.

As I’ve mentioned, chronic inflammation is a bit like a wild fire.  It too causes damage; it too, with certain conditions being just right, can fire up and spread through your body.

Tustin Chiropractor Provides Common Conditions of Inflammation

Let’s go over some of the most common conditions that can produce a ‘Red Flag warning’ for your body.

  1. Poor Diet. There is a reason it’s called junk food.  A diet with high amounts of sugar and high amounts of industrial seed oils (from grains, beans and seeds such as corn, soybeans, sunflower kernels, and cotton and safflower seeds) set your body up for inflammation. There is much about foods and inflammation but these two are at the top of the list.
  2. An unhealthy gut can also set you up for inflammatory problems. It can get unhealthy by a poor diet (listed above), infections, stress and many other ways. One big one is actions that damage our good gut bacteria.  These include taking antibiotics and other medications like acid reflux drugs.  Also, exposure to pesticides has been shown to be very harmful to our gut.
  3. High stress and lack of good sleep can go together. Like the high winds that can fan a fire, these are very much a part of chronic inflammation.
  4. Fat cells were once thought to be just storage cells.  Not true. They produce inflammatory particles!

Junk diet, unhealthy gut, high stress, poor sleep and obesity are typical risk factors for chronic inflammation.

What steps can you take right now?  Tustin Chiropractor explains to reduce these risk factors in your life.  Cut out the sugar and the industrial seed oils.  Get to bed earlier if possible.  Start a simple exercise program that you can stick to each day.

In the next installment we will uncover some other tips that can help lower this ‘Red Flag Warning’.

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