Chiropractic Testimonials

I've known Dr Bunch since 2006. He's a great source of knowledge and truly cares for his patients. When his office is packed, he still makes me feel like I'm the only one there. He really takes his time with your needs and genuinely wants to understand how best to help you. As well, he's super patient with my two young kids, always gentle if they need an adjustment and listens to them while making them feel important. What they have to say is of concern to him.

- Sharyn P | Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Ray Bunch is an outstanding chiropractor, I highly recommend him. I have been involved in Sports training for several years and have relied on Dr Bunch for direction, full health maintenance and Chiropractic care. His focus is a truly holistic approach to personal health, including diet, exercise and diagnosis. we met at a sports event health clinic in 2005 and he has been an excellent resource ever since. Excellent manner in helping to understand physical issues and provides good useful exercises for ongoing care and improvement.

- Tim O. | Huntington Beach, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Bunch for about 7 years and he has always provided excellent treatment for every injury or condition I have had. His ability to accurately assess my issues and provide excellent treatment is amazing. I have recommended Dr. Bunch to friends who have seen other Chiropractors and have heard that one trip to Dr. Bunch was worth more than 10 trips to their previous Chiropractor. I highly recommend Dr. Bunch.

- Vincent H. | Trabuco Canyon, CA

Dr. Bunch is an outstanding chiropractor.I had been seeing him on and off for 20 years basically to handle pains in my body. However, two years ago I went to see if he could help me with extreme low energy as I was seeking a holistic approach to this and other medical concerns with my aging body.

BINGO! After running some tests and a consultation, he put me on a program that included diet, exercise,nutritional support,machines,and adjustments.

I am now 70 and have a trimmer body, increased energy,and the other medical issues have greatly stabilized.With every visit I have his full attention and always feel much better.

Dr, Bunch addressed and handled my health concerns.You would be in The Best Hands with Dr. Bunch!

- Joan D. | Huntington Beach, CA

I have known Dr. Bunch since I was 3 or 4, he has adjusted and cared for every family member of mine, from my grandfather down to me and my younger siblings and cousin, and still does from time to time after all these years. Now that I am grown and married, he also treats my husband- and when the time comes, we'd be happy to have him care for our own children as well. He is a great doctor, exceptionally knowledgable in nutrition, and really cares for his patients.

- Brandie V. | Tustin, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Bunch for a while now. He always does very gentle adjustments and you feel so much better afterwards. One day, while I was at home, I started to feel very spinny. I called Dr. Bunch and he told me that it was Vertigo, not to worry and come and see him. He did some manipulation with my head and it felt all better. He also took the time to explain what it was. I have been fine since then.

- Terry W. | Tustin, CA

I've been going to Dr. Bunch for about 15 years, when I started training for a couple of marathons. I was impressed with his holistic view of what a body needs, and to treat the whole body, not just a single symptom. His adjustments are always considerate of what your body needs or can tolerate at the time. He never forces an adjustment, and he can tell when your body is saying 'back off'. With his years of experience with many types of problems, he can usually detect the cause of a problem and the adjustment(s) needed. I returned from a vacation in Europe ,where I was walking alot for 2 weeks, with unpredictable knife-like sharp pains in my lower back that made work intolerable. After one session with Dr. Ray, the pains were gone in 2 days. When I had a knee injury and considered surgery, he convinced me to try exercises first (which he provided) and I'm so glad I did. The exercises improved the pain enough I never did the surgery.

Dr. Ray is my go-to person for aches and pains, as well as nutritional guidance. I have recommended others to him with more serious problems than mine. And they too have been pleased with his help.

- S W. | Torrance, CA

You have been an excellent resource for me this past year and I enjoy the many health benefits that you have given to me.  I was just in last week because my right arm was so sore and hurt so badly that I couldn't pump the soap dispenser.

This week I have zero pain and zero soreness (my arm feels like new, even though today it's a year older..he he).... it made such an improvement to have you work on my arm!

You do a great job and really take the time to understand my pain and work to eliminate it.

Thanks Again,

- Beth | Newport Beach, CA

I have been playing drums for twenty years.   In 1994 I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands while drumming.   This affliction was focused mainly in my ring and middle fingers making it difficult to grip drumsticks with any control.   I vividly recall numerous occasions in rehearsal where I would pause between songs to punch the block wall behind me just to get any feeling.

After visiting my doctor and receiving a carpal tunnel diagnosis, I decided to explore all my options.  I did everything short of surgery, including massages, physical therapy and acupuncture. I even went so far as to try magnetic bracelets, different vitamin supplements, and every other brace-type fix available.  Nothing seemed to work for me and I figured surgery was in my near future.

A little over a year ago Dr. Bunch was recommended to me and by the end of my consultation I was willing to give the whole chiropractor thing a shot.   Dr. B got me started with my routine and started making adjustments to my spine and other points of impingement.  He also started me on vitamin supplements.

To this day he concentrates much of his effort on my spine, back,
and every inch between the base of my neck and the tips of my fingers.  Within the last 6 months I have been virtually symptom free!  After returning from a short tour before Thanksgiving, Dr. Bunch was excited to hear that I had NO difficulty.

The greatest thing I suffered on the road was fatigue oriented cramps, but they were short-lived.

All in all, my experience with Dr. Bunch had been very positive and  I have him to thank for making me feel good as new every time I sit behind the drums.  Thanks for kicking my butt Dr. Bunch it was worth every second!

- Corey M. | Costa Mesa, CA

I came to Dr. Bunch's office on the 24th of December with a lot of pain in the back of my left knee.  I had hurt myself 2 weeks prior to that during Taekwondo classes.  After hobbling around the house for 2 weeks my husband, a former patient of

Dr. Bunch's called and made the appointment for me with Dr. Bunch.
I was skeptical but decided to try this instead of taking two Aleves daily!  Dr. Bunch studies my posture and pain in the left leg and did some hip adjustment.  I did not know how great that was till I got home and I was not limping around the house.  My husband was shocked at the instant relief I felt. He has decided to go back to Dr. Bunch for some adjustments himself.

I love being without pain but I hate listening to my husband say I told you so.  The pain has not gone 100% but I have confidence it will soon.  I have also been able to sleep through the night without any spasms in my leg.

-  Gauri Iyer | Irvine, CA

I visited Dr. Bunch to find out why my back was hurting so bad.  Dr. Bunch not only fixed my back and alleviated pain with a quick adjustment, but also talked me through each and everything he was doing.  By explaining what he was doing I felt like I understood WHY my back was hurting, and how what he was doing was going to help.
I can say it worked, too!

I would absolutely recommend seeing Dr. Bunch if you're looking for a chiropractor.

- Tony H. | Los Angeles, CA

I went in not knowing Dr. Bunch. He was very helpful and got my back the way it should be in about 20 minutes.

Definitely will recommend him to others.

- Stephan I. | Lake Forest, CA

I would like to thank Dr. Bunch for helping me to get rid of my pain in my lower back.  Also, for all of the knowledge he has given me about how the spine works, this has helped me greatly.

Before seeing Dr. Bunch I had a painful cramping in my calves, now this pain has completely diminished and the exercises which are an important part of my program have helped me to get well faster. Thank you again Dr. Bunch!

- Arturo | Tustin, CA

I am 77 years old and have spinal degeneration in my neck and lower back from previous injuries. An orthopedic doctor and neurosurgeon told me I would have pain the rest of my life, so learn to live with it.  Chiropractic adjustments keep me functioning and able to sleep, as it gives me relief from the pain.

When I first saw Dr. Bunch I had not been to a Chiropractor for over a year, as I was caring for an incapacitated relative. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't turn my head and had trouble sleeping because of the pinched nerves.  After six weeks I responded quite well and now I try to see him once or twice a month.

- Joanne M. | Costa Mesa, CA

I had a car accident on May 30th 2008. I found Dr. Bunch on the internet and contacted him to schedule an appointment.  My first appointment was on June 18th 2008 and after that I continued to see him twice a week.  After the accident, I was uncomfortable sitting down for more than 20 minutes and doing simple tasks like driving.
I had visited a doctor before and all he gave me was Tylenol, it was not helpful.

I was in school sitting in class for an hour and it was painful and after the accident I was not able to go to work for a week. The pain was mostly in my lower back, upper back, neck and elbow.  I was not able to turn my arm or lift more than ten pounds.

The exercises that Dr. Bunch gave me and the visits were great and now I feel 100% better.  After the sixth visit I saw great improvement and was able to sit and drive without discomfort.  Before coming to Dr. Bunch I had never had any chiropractic care and it was a great experience.

The staff and Dr. Bunch are very professional and are always friendly and answered my questions.  Chiropractic care is helpful and I feel most of the time we don't know a lot about how our body works.

- Karen C. | Santa Ana, CA

I'm extremely happy with the care than I've received from Dr. Bunch!
I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and honest.
I lead a active and athletic lifestyle so I've relied on Dr. Bunch to help me stay fit and treat any injuries. During my first consultation Dr. Bunch was very upfront and honest.

Rather that try and sell me on a treatment plan, he suggested a few things that would be appropriate for my specific case.  He took the time to educate on how to prevent sport related injuries so I spend less time in his office and more time running.

Whether you are injured and looking for treatment or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle by staying ahead of illness and injuries,  I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Bunch.

- Scott V. | Irvine, CA

Dr. Bunch saved my trip to San Francisco the other week! I was training for my first 1/2 marathon then 2 weeks before the Nike Women's race I was in a car accident. Dr. Bunch took the time to meet with me to ensure I was ready to complete my goal in good health.

After several consultations and adjustments, (even though I told him I would walk the race), I was feeling really good so ran it and accomplished the time I set out to accomplish. I know I would have not been able to complete my first 1/2 marathon if it wasn't for Dr. Bunch.  I was beyond impressed with my experience with him and his staff.

- Sunrae D. | Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Bunch - you are a miracle worker!  Thank you so much for your dedication to your patients and your commitment to wellness.

Your knowledge and experience is exemplary.  Thank you for all you do to provide me the relief I need!

- Eileen V. | Huntington Beach, CA

Before seeing Dr. Bunch my right shoulder my right shoulder was in a lot of pain.  I couldn't sleep well, driving was painful for me and I was moody from the constant pain.

When I came to Dr. Bunch's office I told Dr. Bunch about my pain in my shoulder, arm and neck and he began treating my body with adjustments.  He gave me exercises to do and gave me information to help me get better.

After receiving treatment from Dr. Bunch twice a week and doing my exercises everyday for fifteen to twenty minutes, now my shoulder, arm and neck are much better and my pain is so much less!  Now I am sleeping well, driving is easy, and work is not nearly as hard as it was when I had the pain in my shoulder.

If I hadn't come to see Dr. Bunch I would still be in a lot of pain and unhappy because of it.  Thank you Dr. Bunch, I greatly appreciate the help that you have given me.

- Junichiro N. | Tustin, CA