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Feeling pain is like the engine light In your car. It's letting you know something’s wrong.

Have You Ever Felt Pain Across Your Low Back?

There are many different things that can bring on your low back pain: sitting at your desk, driving for too long, too much bending over while gardening, and maybe even exercising too harshly.

When something is wrong with your low back in Tustin and Tujunga, the pain is usually from irritation/damage to your lower spine and discs.

Doing nothing or simply taking an over-the-counter pill to get rid of the ache allows the problem to worsen.

Gradually a low back condition gets worse if not addressed and can lead to surgery, disability, and the lack of enjoyment of life.

What Can I Do?

One thing you can do, at home, to help change this for the better, is an exercise called Static Back. Lay down on the floor and rest your lower legs on a chair with your knees bent. Relax there for 5 minutes.

This changes your spine’s position and can be very helpful. Feels good? Then do it regularly a few times a day.

Low back pain is so common, people think it's normal, but it's not. Don’t ignore your body’s ‘check engine light’! This one exercise is a start. It can help change things.

You should also come in to get adjusted to improve your alignment, and help gets rid of what’s causing your aches or pains.

You may be in great shape, but you may have friends or family that complain of low back pains. You can share this exercise with them as a simple start. And refer them here so we can see if we can help.

Let’s face it, if the people around you are healthy and happy, this makes your life better too!

Stay tuned for more simple tips to follow!