Simple Low Back Relief Tips by Chiropractor in Tustin

Simple Low Back Relief Tips by Chiropractor in Tustin

For most people suffering from chronic low back pain in Tustin, there is nothing simple about it.

And this is not to make less of your problem; low back pain can be complicated.

A study was done last year where researchers studied a group of chronic low back pain sufferers who were also low in vitamin D.

They gave them large amounts of vitamin D over the course of 2 months.  They followed the patients and tested their vitamin D levels and their pain levels.

The researchers found a significant amount of improvement in the study group’s low back pain and function!

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Interesting note: Vitamin D deficiency can cause pain in more areas than just the low back.  It can cause bone pain and muscle pain in arms, legs and other joints.  In fact, growing pains in children can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency.

If you have chronic low back pain or other muscle pains, get your vitamin D checked and take a high quality* D supplement.

*There are all types of D supplements out there.  You need to take D along with vitamin K2.  We have a well-balanced D (with vitamin K2 and other factors) here at our office.

Chronic low back pain may be complicated with multiple things going on.

Here at Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin, we do evaluate posture, and the spine and the muscles surrounding the low back and core.

Along with that we often look at your nutritional status too. Because getting your vitamin D normalized and feeling some relief can be simple!

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