Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Your Metabolism Works

Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Your Metabolism Works

America is overweight.  No surprise there.

Many folks attempt to keep their weight in check by eating right.  That’s a good practice.

One question I commonly hear at my chiropractic office in Tustin is regarding this…”Is ____ (fill in the blank) fattening?”  Examples: Is rice fattening?  Is jello fattening?  You get the idea.

The answer isn’t always simple.

Eat too much of anything and it could be considered fattening.

Or you might know someone that gains weight but eats really healthy.  And others who eat junk food and are thin as a rail.

This has to do with your metabolism.

Metabolism and Weight Loss in Tustin

Your metabolism is all the chemical processes that happen inside your body.

Have you ever heard someone comment that so and so has a ‘fast metabolism’, or the opposite… a slow metabolism?

People with slow metabolisms struggle with their weight…easy to gain fat and they have a tougher time losing weight.

That’s how you can say that the following is fattening, because it slows down your metabolism.

You might find it hard to believe or maybe not.

Sitting and being sedentary for long periods is fattening. 

They have done studies and found that long sitting actually decreases the activity of an important chemical that deals with fat in your body.

Here we are again with another good reason to take a Micro-break.

What is a Micro-break?  It is a short 1 minute break where you move your body, contract muscles, and get your blood moving for each half hour of sitting.

Today’s micro-break is called the 2 for 1. 

It is a stretch and a strengthening exercise all in one.  Click here for the demo.

If your metabolism is slow.  If you have trouble losing weight and no problem gaining, then taking micro-breaks might be for you.

Sure there is a lot to turning your metabolism around.

But you can start with this simple break every half hour.

Do them every day and you will avoid this fattening thing called sitting too much!

If you are in pain or these exercises are too tough for you to perform, consider calling Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin at (714-751-8570).

Ask for the Be Fit While You Sit Special.

We will be happy to figure out if you’ve got something we can help with.