How Many Hours of TV Are You Watching A Night in Tustin?

How Many Hours of TV Are You Watching A Night in Tustin?

And, what does that have to do with your health?

Curious at all?

Of course everyone is different.  But there is an average.

In just a moment, top Tustin chiropractor will let you know the average amount of TV watching time by US adults.  This was conducted by the Neilson group.

There is much that can be talked about regarding watching TV and your health.

The focus today is just on that fact that it is more time with you Not Moving in a seated posture.

In this Micro-Break series we have established that “not moving” can contribute to plenty of health problems, aches and pains in the neck, upper back and shoulders.

One solution for you is taking Micro-Breaks.

Micro-Break Exercises in Tustin

Remember, a Micro-Break is a short 1 minute break where you move, contract muscles, get blood flowing and do things to counter-act ½ hour of sitting.

The Micro-Break exercise we are covering in this article is called Elbow Curls.

It is a great exercise.  These curls move your shoulders and upper back causing increase blood flow, improved movement and increased strength.

Now, back to the question from above.  How much TV does the average person watch?

Here’s the answer…

5 HOURS and 4 minutes a day!

That adds up to 35.5 HOURS per week!

Or…77 DAYS per YEAR!!

You may not watch that much TV.  But that means someone out there is watching more than their 5 hour share.

Surprising Formula

When you add up the sitting at work + sitting in the car + sitting watching TV + sitting at home for other things = a surprising number of hours of sitting.

Start taking Micro-Breaks today!

Taking micro-breaks is one way you can start to address that slow decline of health, poor posture, aches and pains, etc…

Of course, if you already have stiffness and pain in your neck or shoulders or upper back, we are here to help you get pain free and get your regular movements back to normal.