3 Simple Tips For Shoulder & Upper Back Aches and Pains in Tustin CA


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With the stress of the holidays upon us, many people complain of tightness, stiffness, aching and pain in their upper back in Tustin CA or in one or both shoulders.

Here are 3 SIMPLE at home tips you can use to get relief for Shoulder and Upper Back Pain in Tustin CA:

#1 Use Heat - many people can get relief just by using some type of heat (hot pack, hot water bottle) on their muscles.

This brings blood into your shoulders and upper back.

I like these grain filled sacks that can heat up in the microwave. (by the way, we have some at the office...they make great gifts!)

#2 Massage your upper back and shoulder muscles.

There are plenty of devices available to self-massage your muscles.

Massage your upper back, front and back of your shoulders. This too can be relaxing and bring relief.

Most of us can sit and not move at our jobs for extended periods of time. This does not work out well for your muscles and joints.

#3 Use Movement Breaks (1 minute of motion for every half hour of sitting) to stop those muscles and joints from seizing up on you.

Arm circles are one great exercise for that. But any movement of that area is going to be better than no motion!

There you have it, 3 simple tips that can give instant relief for many people.

For some of you, your problem has been around a long time. And you may need to do these more regularly to get your relief.

There are still others that need more help.

Their 'no motion' and 'high stress' has led to actual damage to their muscles and tissues.

They need more guidance and care to help heal their problem. Contact us and we will be happy to see if we can help you, friends or family.