These 3 Nutrients Help with Low Back and other Aches and Pains in Tujunga CA

These 3 Nutrients Help with Low Back and other Aches and Pains

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Today we will cover 3 different nutrients in Tujunga CA and Tustin CA that many people are lacking. And each one has been studied and connected to complaints of muscle pains, low back aches and stiffness.

This first one becomes more deficient in the Fall and Winter.

Vitamin D

You may have heard that we get Vitamin D from sun exposure to our skin. In the Fall and Winter, there is much less sun. Estimates are that 42% of people are deficient.

Did you know that one of the symptoms of D deficiency is muscle and bone aches and pains? What if just getting more vitamin D helps someone's low back pain? Easy Peasy.

This next nutrient is a mineral that is very needed for hundreds of functions in our body.


Unfortunately studies show that as much as 50% of Americans are somewhat low in Magnesium.

Symptoms of low Magnesium include muscle spasms (think low back spasms), weakness, fatigue, pins and needles feeling.

Many health experts recommend supplementing with this mineral for healthy people, let alone those who have symptoms.

The last nutrient, like the two above, is super important in many different actions in our body, not just for low back muscles and joints.

Omega 3 Oils

When these oils are low in your body, the incidence of muscle and joint pains are much higher.

We have a simple finger poke test for Omega 3 oils. Most patients we test come up below the desirable healthy range.

Taking Omega 3 Oils as a supplement is highly recommended not only for back pain, but for any sign of inflammation.

So there you have it.

A few more simple tips to help you or your friends and family deal with low back pain.

Adding these all up, taking a few supplements and implementing some movement breaks to your day (covered in earlier emails) can have a clear impact on back pain.

It could be that taking some supplements helps a bit. And that doing movement breaks and using heat on your back helps a bit more too.
And it may be that you need more help with you back. Give our office a call and we can work out a plan.

Please do share this with someone you know who has some aches or pains. We are in the holiday season, sharing is caring ; )

If you're already a patient of ours, here is a reminder to come in for a check up or a 'tune up' to keep your body and back aligned and working at it's best..