Interview With Knowledge Booster’s Brian Tahgavi

Interview With Knowledge Booster’s
Brian Tahgavi

What does knowing how to study have to do with health?

Imagine one day deciding that you want to improve some area of your health.  For this example, we can use the subject of losing weight.

You want to lose weight in Tustin so you go online and study about losing weight.  You read some articles or watch videos about Keto and others about fasting and more about saturated fats.

Improving Your Health in Tustin CA

Now imagine that you don’t know how to really study well (there are ways to study and really understand what you are reading).  Of course you ‘think’ you got it, but most likely you didn’t.

Right there, you are at a disadvantage.  You can’t study well, you can’t get the good information that will improve your health.

This happens All The Time!

That is why I did this interview today with Brian Tahgavi from Knowledge Boosters.

He is a professional tutor that helps children not only improve their grades but he also teaches them how to study for themselves.

I see that your ability to study can really impact your future health and the decisions you make.

He helps children, however if you are interested at all about improving your study, I’m sure he could point you in the right direction.

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