It’s The Perfect Time Of Year To Test For Vitamin D in Tustin

It's The Perfect Time Of Year To
Test For Vitamin D in Tustin

Are you wondering if you are taking enough?  It is a very important vitamin that is involved in immune system, inflammation, and regulating calcium too.

Vitamin D levels are easy to check if you are low or high.

Right now (the end of summer or beginning of fall) is the perfect time to get tested for Vitamin D in Tustin.

Why’s that?

Get Tested For Vitamin D in Tustin CA

Summer is the time of year of most exposure to sunlight.  Your skin, when exposed to sunlight, manufactures vitamin D.  Therefore you should have the highest vitamin D levels that you are going to have right now.

Let’s say you get tested and your numbers are on the low side of normal.  If one's D levels are low now (when they should be their highest) it follows that in the winter time they would get lower.  Because sun exposure in the winter time goes way down.

If you are interested, you can easily get a blood test.  For Vitamin D by itself the test is $47.  Or you can get a special panel that includes checking inflammation, blood sugar, and way more for a little over $100.

Contact our team at Bunch Chiropractic - Tustin in Tustin for the information to get testing done.

One more thing…

If you are taking vitamin D, there is another vitamin that you should be taking with it.  I will do another post on that coming up shortly.  Of course, if you would like to now right away, please contact or message us.