Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Minute When Sitting

Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Minute When Sitting

Do you sit very much at work?

Are you concerned about how many calories you’re eating compared to how many you’re burning? Top Tustin chiropractor wants to help you!

For those calorie counters out there I’m going to reveal the amount of calories burned for each minute of sitting.

I bet you can guess that it isn’t that much and you would be right.

The number is more than 1 but less than 2 calories per minute.  Standing increases the calorie burn by 50% and walking doubles it.

But the truth is that there is more to the calorie counting story.

Counting Calories in Tustin

“Calories in” doesn’t equal “calories out”.  We have an X factor that hasn’t been included in this formula.

For example, if you eat 1500 calories one day, most assume that all 1500 calories made it into our bodies for proper use.

What about the undigested portion that goes out the other end?  What about the unknown amount that is digested by our trillions of gut bacteria?

What about our metabolisms?   Some of us use more energy at rest and with work.  Others have slow metabolisms and burn less calories.

For our purposes here, let’s stay focused on sitting at work and burning calories.

Bunch Chiropractic explains one way to increase your metabolism and increase the burn of calories is to move more.  I suggest you take micro-breaks.

A micro-break is a 1 minute movement break for each ½ hour of sitting.

And by the way, studies have shown that prolonged sitting actually chemically “slows” your metabolism and in turn slows your calorie burn.

Today’s micro-break is really a micro micro-break!  It is even less than 1 minute (although you can do it longer if you like).  It’s called Bruegger’s Postural Relief exercise.  Click here for a demo.

This and many other micro-break exercises are a great way to inject some movement and burn some calories too.

Although there is more to calorie counting than meets the eye, one thing’s for sure, if you move more, if you take micro-breaks regularly, you will burn more calories and you will improve your metabolism, posture and you will feel better!

Please do contact us if you are having trouble with pain or tightness.  At Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin, we have a special ‘Be Fit While You Sit’ consult and exam to see if we can help you.