How Many Words Can You Type Per Minute? Tustin Chiropractor Explains…

How Many Words Can You Type Per Minute? Tustin Chiropractor Explains...

Below I will tell you what the average person types per minute (WPM) and also give you a link to a test so you can see what your number is.

When I took this test I realized something, that staying focused was a big part about not making mistakes.

Being in the groove, I hit each word correctly, but the moment my mind started to wander, each time I lost focus I made a mistake.

Efficiency and Productivity come to mind.

Things that distract you can mess with your productivity.  Distraction can lead to mistakes, little typing mistakes or possibly more major errors.

Taking Breaks to Help Distraction in Tustin

That’s the reason behind this whole Micro-Break series…to help you control one type of distraction…Pain or Discomfort.

Today’s micro-break can be really helpful to counter-act the impact of sitting and poor posture (shoulders forward and mid back hunched).  A one minute exercise for every half hour sitting, that’s a micro-break.

Today’s micro-break is called the counter stretch.  The demo for it is here.

And here is the big reveal to “How many words do you type per minute?”

The average person types 38-40 words per minute.  Professional typists can hit between 65 and 75 words per minute.

I believe this is measured for typing on a regular keyboard and not your phone.  I’m curious to see how quickly I can do this typing test with the small keyboard on my phone (way slower, no doubt).

Here is the link to a free type testing page.

It’s great to be productive and efficient with your time.  You can get more done.  Distractions can be the source of mistakes, more work, and less to show for it.

Use micro-breaks regularly to inject some movement into your day and completely avoid the problems that can come with being sedentary.

If pain and discomfort are distracting you from being on the top of your game, contact our office for our Be Fit While You Sit consultation and exam.

We also deliver a ‘Be Fit While You Sit’ workshop to local businesses and groups.  Contact our team at Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin if you are interested in having this workshop for your group and are in the Orange County area.