Genetics & Longevity of Life in Tustin

Genetics & Longevity of Life in Tustin

What does Longevity have to do with shoelaces?  In all honesty the connection is really weak.

Dr. Raymond Bunch of Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin and his children were watching this cartoon TV show called Phineas and Ferb.  In this one episode they reveal the name of that end piece to your shoelace.  It is called an ‘aglet’.

What does this ‘aglet’ have to do with Longevity?

A recent case study was published in the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine that shows that a 35 year old woman increased the length of her telomeres following a Chiropractic treatment plan.  She also experienced relief of her neck pain and urination problems.

To understand what this means you need to know what a telomere is.

Telomeres are the protective ends on our genes, within every cell.

And just like an aglet protects the ends of your shoelace from fraying, telomeres protect the ends of your genes.  They can measure the length of telomeres.  The longer the better.

Chiropractor Tustin explains how telomeres shorten with age, but that process can accelerate with things like smoking, stress, being overweight and lacking exercise.  And with shorter telomeres comes malfunction, disease and cell death.

Now that you know a bit about telomeres, it is exciting to see this case study that shows an increase in Telomere length when this woman underwent chiropractic care and kept the rest of her lifestyle the same as before.

In conclusion, we know that smoking is not good for us.  Studies have shown it shortens telomere length, and therefore ages us prematurely.

We also know that exercise and eating our veggies are a part of being healthy (these increase telomere length).  And now this study supports the idea that getting chiropractic care does more for our health than just pain relief…it too helps keep us young and healthy by increasing the length of our telomeres!

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