An Underlying Cause in Tustin to Many People’s Plantar Fasciitis and other Problems Explained

An Underlying Cause in Tustin to Many People's Plantar Fasciitis and other Problems Explained

One of the more difficult cases to sort out is Plantar Fasciitis pain in Tustin.

For those who have not had this, it can be a pretty sharp pain under the heel of your foot.  It makes it difficult to walk, run or work out.

This pain can become very chronic causing on and off pain for many months if not years!

There is an underlying problem that can lead to many people’s plantar fasciitis pain.  Also, this problem can cause problems with the knees, hips and low back too.

What is the underlying problem?  Bunch Chiropractic explains that the answer is limited dorsiflexion.

Dorsiflexion of the ankle joint is the movement of lifting your toes and foot but leaving your heel on the ground.  Or if you leave your entire foot on the ground and move your knee forward over your toes.

Due to our footwear, we are causing this motion of dorsiflexion to become limited.

Most footwear now a days has some added heel height.  Of course woman’s shoes can have higher heels.  But even running shoes, for example, can have added cushion and more heel height.

By wearing shoes that lift your heel, tissues in the back of your leg shorten.  When it comes time to dorsiflex, with shortened tissues, you won’t be able to move as far.  This leads to changes in how our foot and ankle work.  This causes poor movement patterns and can lead to injury and pain.

You can increase your dorsiflexion movement in Tustin.  You will have to do some exercises.

Use a foam roller or other devices to massage your Achilles tendon and calf.

Stretch the back of your leg.  There are many ways to do this.  I have included a simple stretch here in this video.

Also, take a look at your shoes.  Are you wearing shoes with a lot of heel height?

You may need to do this gradually, but try wearing shoes with no heel lift at all.

In conclusion, if you have some chronic foot pain or leg pain then check your dorsiflexion.

As a chiropractor in Tustin that has worked on many runners I check and can adjust the ankle joint and the foot.  Also we have a test to measure dorsiflexion.  If you want help with your problem give Bunch Chiropractic a call.