Simple Ways to Handle Pain in Tustin

Simple Ways to Handle Pain in Tustin

Have you ever had an injury in Tustin?  You’re running along and start having some sharp pain in your foot, or in your knee.

It lingers after you stop your workout and it’s there when you get home.

Time to act!

Pain motivates people to do something.  They end up trying to get rid of their pain ASAP.  Makes sense to me.

It is a great idea to have a variety of pain relieving actions to fall back on if you find yourself injured and in pain.  I’ll be listing those natural remedies shortly.

To be clear, there is the idea of getting rid of the pain and then there is the idea of fixing the why you got the pain.

Two different things.

Fixing the cause can be easier said than done sometimes.  It can take a little time.  Getting rid of the pain on the other hand, demands speedy attention.

For runners and active people the most common source of pain stems from body mechanics being ‘off’.

In other words, the muscles and alignment and motion of their joints are not working in a balanced way.

Think: tire out of alignment on your car.  The tire wears out unevenly.

When the body wears unevenly, one can get plantar fasciitis, Ilio-tibial band (ITB) syndrome, shin splints, or knee cap pain for example.

Bottom line is that some injuries can take a bit of time to fix because it can take some time to get the body mechanics changed.

There is another problem too.  It turns out that pain itself can alter how a body moves.

We’ve all seen this.

A twisted ankle forces someone to limp.

Even small amounts of pain can change one’s gait.  Studies have shown that pain in the body in Tustin very quickly changes our movement patterns.  And with altered movement patterns one can unknowingly create future problems.

Correct the cause of the problem; yes, but also deal with the pain itself as best and as quickly as you can.  Most people at Bunch Chiropractic don’t argue with that!

Here are a couple simple suggestions for dealing with pain from an injury, naturally.

Ice.  Of course you’ve heard that one before.  Ice massage is a great tool to use especially on the feet, ankles and knees.

Freeze a Dixie cup or a Styrofoam cup filled with water.  Then tear the top edge of the cup off to expose the ice.  Massage the painful area with the ice, typically 10 minutes does the trick.  It gets cold fast!

A dietary suggestion is to eat foods that have been shown to support anti-inflammation.  Salmon is a fish with lots of good oils.  These oils become anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body.  Take a fish oil supplement and/or eat lots of salmon.

It is also true that some foods have been shown to promote or trigger more inflammation.  Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin advises to stay away from sugar and high amounts of refined carbohydrates.

Lastly, there is a product that I like to recommend to reduce inflammation and therefore pain. It is not a drug.

I find it works best for acute muscle and joint pain.  It is a homeopathic product and doesn’t have side effects like drugs do.

The name of the product is T-Relief.  It is sold in gel, cream and tablet forms.  I made a short video about T-Relief; you can check it out by clicking this link.

In summary, to fix an injury one needs to find the cause and work on that.  But most people in Tustin who have been there and done that know that there is still pain that they have to deal with.

You should have a few tools to help yourself handle pain.

Ice massage works great.  And for some, diet changes can make a difference too.

T-Relief can be another of your natural pain relieving tools.  Give it a try.