RockTape for Pain Relief in Tustin

RockTape for Pain Relief in Tustin

Have you seen these athletes with weird tape on?  I think it started getting much more popular after the 2008 Olympics with the women’s volleyball team wearing tape on their shoulders.

Top Tustin CA chiropractor Raymond Bunch explains how this type of tape is special.  It’s called Kinesiology Tape.  It’s been around for about 30 years or so.  But with the Olympic Games and Cross Fit competitions it has gotten much more popular.

It’s a great item to keep in your medicine cabinet for that rainy day.  We’ve all hit a bump in the road, maybe a twisted ankle or a sore shoulder that is hard to sleep on. 

This is another tool that could give you some pain relief, some support and help you heal a bit faster.

Here’s how it works.

This a stretchy flexible tape.  When Bunch Chiropractic applies it correctly on the skin, it contracts a bit.  This lifts the skin, causing an improved blood flow and drainage.

There is also a decompression effect and a stimulus to the brain which improves awareness of that body part.

It can cause pain relief and help support an injured area.

Like most things, it doesn’t hit a homerun every time.  But at Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin have seen and felt great results on myself and patients have reported some amazing relief and improved changes too.

What can you use it on?  There is a very long list but let me highlight a couple of areas that I’ve seen some good results.

Foot pain.  Plantar Fasciitis and other foot conditions plague many a runner.  In some cases this tape has added an extra layer of pain relief and support to help people stay on the road.

Shoulder pain.  Injuries and/or chronic pains in the shoulder can make life very difficult.  Kinesiology taping in some cases has given great relief, improving healing time and overall function.

Knee pain.  There are many different knee complaints.  Some cases have responded real well to this type of taping.  Again, people reporting pain relief and better movement.

If you are curious if kinesiology taping in Tustin may be helpful to you, contact our office.  We do an evaluation and can tape someone up and see if it helps.  If so, you can pick up some tape and we will teach you how to apply it.

We use Rock Tape here at Bunch Chiropractic.  I like it because it is a higher quality, longer lasting tape.  Some other brands are a bit weaker and cheaper.

When it comes to staying fit and active, Kinesiology Taping is a simple tool you can have and use to help you when you hit those ‘bumps in the road’.