A Quick Way to Improve Your Microbiome Explained by A Tustin Chiropractor

A Quick Way to Improve Your Microbiome Explained
by A Tustin Chiropractor

Your microbiome is the trillions of microorganisms that live in and on your body.  They outnumber your own body cells by 10 to 1.

The majority of these microorganisms live in the large intestine.

Imbalance in the ratio of organisms (too many ‘bad guys’ vs. ‘good guys’) and too many living in the wrong part of the intestine can cause many healthy problems (indigestion, gas, bloating, and allergies).

Imbalances can be caused by many things.  Antibiotics are on the top of the list. Poor diet choices and toxin exposure can lead to imbalances too.

The quickest way I know to improve your microbiome is to avoid doing things to damage it and then…

Improving your Microbiome in Tustin CA

Take a high quality probiotic.

A probiotic is defined as a bacteria or yeast one takes that makes it to the large intestine to colonize and produce positive health effects.

One problem is that many people think that they are taking a good probiotic.  I commonly hear from patients that had just taken an antibiotic for an infection:  “I started eating some yogurt!”

The good news: it’s great to see that most people are aware that antibiotics kill the ‘good’ bacteria in our gut along with ‘bad’ bacteria.

It’s also good news that they are attempting to replenish the ‘good bacteria’ that were killed off.

Unfortunately, most are unaware that the probiotics they are taking really don’t make it.  A recent study of 35 of the top selling probiotics found that more than 20 of them didn’t survive the journey pass the stomach.  Let alone make it all the way to the large intestine.

Therefore they don’t fit the definition of a true probiotic.

One type of probiotic that fits the definition of a true probiotic is a spore form bacteria.

When bacteria are in a spore form, they are protected and can survive all sorts of lethal conditions.  Then, when the environment is right, they can spring from their spores and come to life again.

A brand I recommend at my office is MegaSporeBiotic .  These bacteria are in spore form.  They also have been formulated to contain 5 different strains of bacteria that have all been proven to create very healthful effects for our microbiome.  Studies show significant changes in just one month.

Science is finding that our microbiome impacts our health in many ways.  Antibiotics, poor diet, and environmental toxins are just a few things that damage our microbiome and reduce our health.

Taking a high quality probiotic is a quick way to improve your microbiome and in turn improve your health.

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