Herniated Discs Explained by Tustin Chiropractor

Herniated Discs Explained by Tustin Chiropractor

What exactly is a herniated disc? Top Tustin Chiropractor Raymond Bunch explains.

The word hernia means that part of something (typically an organ) is displaced and protrudes into an area where it doesn’t belong.

A disc is a tough fibrous tissue that is in between each spinal bone. It has a jell-like center which allows the disc to be more flexible.

Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Injured Discs Cause So Much Pain

When the disc is injured, the jell can get pushed out from the center and herniate into an area where your spinal cord and nerves are located.  This disc material does not belong in this space.

Irritation and pressure from the disc material on the nerves causes inflammation.

The inflamed nerve causes shooting pain that travels down your thigh and leg in different patterns depending on what nerve is being ‘pinched’ and irritated.

At Bunch Chiropractic, we have excellent conservative approaches to patients with a disc herniation.