Side Lunge MicroBreak Demonstrated by Tustin Chiropractor

Side Lunge MicroBreak Demonstrated
by Tustin Chiropractor

Sitting a lot?  This may help…

In today’s modern day world, with more and more sitting, one problem that slowly takes place is that we lose muscle mass.  The “Use it or Lose it” rule applies here.  Our muscles get weaker and smaller because we don’t use them as much.

I am going to go over a micro break you can do right at your desk.  This is to help you keep  your strength and your muscles!

My name is Dr. Ray Bunch and let’s do this now.

A micro break is a 1 minute movement break for every half hour of sitting.

This one is called the Side Lunge.  It works the muscles of the hip.

Side Lunge MicroBreak For Tustin Residents

Stand up.  Step out sideways with one foot and bend your knee in a lunge.  Come back up to the starting position.  Do the other side.

I realize that there are people in every degree of fitness out there.  You can adapt this to be easier or more difficult to suit you.  You can step out less and bend your knee less if it is too difficult.

Repeat on both sides for one minute.

If this gives you pain or you’re unable to do this, you need more help.  Feel free to contact me as we help people get sorted out so that they can move better and be healthier.

Please share this with family and friends that may be sitting a lot at their jobs.

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