The Important Thing is Just Like a Vitamin; Explained by Tustin Chiropractor

The Important Thing is Just Like a Vitamin; Explained by Tustin Chiropractor

New Year new you…right?

Well, it does take some work to change the body, doesn’t it?

A good change in diet and exercise all can feel good in a bit of time.

Lack of good diet, lack of exercise all can feel bad in time too.

Recently I was in a deposition.  I had to testify under oath about a patient who was in an accident I had treated long ago.

The topic came up about his x-rays and the degeneration or ‘decay’ that was in his spine.

I was asked ‘How does that happen?’

The simple answer…lack of motion for a long time.

Long hours of sitting, poor posture, and injury all can cause the spine to degenerate, gradually over time.  You’ve probably heard of bone spurs and bad discs.  These are parts of degeneration.  But the bottom line is lack of motion.

Everyone in the room sat up a bit taller after hearing that.

The stenographer sits all day!  That’s her job, to sit and type in everything that is said.  She had brought her own back support to the deposition.  But her posture was already poor.  She was also rubbing a pain cream on her wrists when we had breaks!

The message here is this—to have a healthy spine, good posture, and pain free motion requires that you move and use your spine and muscles.

This takes more than just simply walking around.

Check out the many micro-breaks that I have demonstrated on my website’s blog section.  Use them and take frequent movement breaks.

The changes will be gradual.  If you do this, if you move your body with these exercises regularly you will change your body’s posture.

And maybe in a few months of this New Year you can say that there is a new you!

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