Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Many Friends You ‘Really’ Have

Tustin Chiropractor Explains How Many Friends
You 'Really' Have

“Say Hello to Your Little Friends”

Did you know that your body is made from about 10 trillion cells?  Muscle cells, skin cells, nerve and blood cells all add up to about 10,000,000,000,000!

But did you also know that you have about 100 trillion microorganisms living in and on your body?  That is 10 times the amount of our own cells!

Top Tustin Chiropractor Elaborates on Microorganisms

Bacteria, viruses, yeast and other organisms…all together they are called our Microbiota.

Here is the key pointThese trillions of organisms are our little friends because they work for us.  They do things to keep us healthy.

Here is a short list of the benefits they provide us:

  • Research points out that they are involved in boosting our immune system. For those who get sick in often this is something to look at. For those with allergies…imbalance in these organisms may be part of the problem.
  • They help with digesting the food we eat. Many people out there have stomach problems…gas, bloating and heart burn.  If the gut bacteria are not thriving, this could lead to digestive symptoms.
  • They play a role in the health of our skin. At Bunch Chiropractic in Tustin, I have personally seen skin conditions improve when people have focused on improving their microbiota health.  Acne and eczema are major skin problems…who would have thought to look at your bacteria to help with that?
  • They help in dealing with toxins. We ingest toxins in our foods regularly and might not even know it. Microorganisms in our gut help us process these so they are less harmful.

You will see more and more information come out in the near future regarding this amazing thing called your Microbiota or your Microbiome.  First thing you have to understand that they are there, and they are your friends, so treat them well!

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