Effects of Sitting Too Much in Tujunga CA

Effects of Sitting Too Long

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One of the most common stresses to the low back is Sitting Too Long!

Here's a popular saying about this…

Sitting is the new smoking.

Sitting for too long causes stressful changes in the low back discs, muscles and posture.

Added up, hour by hour, day by day, year by year and you start to see how your low back can gradually 'wear out'.

Do you want to be 60 something and still do like you were 30 something?

How To Keep Your Back Young in Tujunga CA and Tustin CA

This tip can help your low back get there, when done regularly.

Take a movement break: One minute for every 30 minutes of sitting.

Walking is 'okay'.

But really moving, like doing some squats or lunges or spinal twists would be much better.

I think you can agree, our society is sitting and 'not moving' way too much. Possibly your coworkers or members of your family "over sit" and could be helped by this simple tip?

Please share this with them!

Also, get in here for a tune up. We can check your posture and low back alignment and get you adjusted.

If a friend complains of low back pains, please refer them to our office. We can check them out and help guide them.

Short 1 minute movement breaks can help improve and prevent many bad backs!!

Another upcoming suggestion can help low back and other muscle aches. Stay tuned…